For Parents

For Parents

Hednesford Nursery School

New Curriculum Information for Parents!

Our aim is to provide our children with an exciting, engaging and empowering curriculum that prepares them for today and tomorrow.  Please see the links below for your child's area curriculum focus this term:



Curriculum Map for Parents - Sunshine & Sunflowers

Rose Buds:

Curriculum Topics            

 Main Topic                                                                                       Mini Projects

Autumn 1  Autumn 1
Me and My community  Exploring Autumn
Autumn 2  Autumn 2
Starry Night  Winter Wonderland
Spring 1  Spring 1
Once Upon A Time Sparkle and Shine
Spring 2  Spring 2
Dangerous Dinosaurs  Puddles and Rainbows
Summer 1 Summer 1
Sunshine and Sunflowers  Shadows and Reflection
Summer 2 Summer 2
Big Wide World  Splash

The Mini projects enhance and support children’s next steps. These can be accessed to enhance children’s learning experiences and support individual interests.